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Little Princess Spa® Franchise founder

Erika Freitas

Erika Freitas started Little Princess Spa as a college student while working full-time on the side. She had a big dream and a crystal-clear vision, so she set out to create the most beautiful, enchanting, elegant, and memorable kid’s spa party venue anyone had ever seen. Her vision included magical fairies enthusiastically welcoming smiling children into a pink world of possibilities—a spa adorned with butterflies, flowers, and intricate details designed to capture the childlike imagination of kids and adults alike. Here, their birthday dreams would come true, and they would get to truly feel like a princess for a day. Little Princess Spa Boca Raton was born in October of 2011, and since then, Erika has infused excellence into every aspect of the Little Princess Spa experience while continuously innovating new ways to elevate it further.

Erika is known for her friendliness, outgoingness, and exceptional communication skills, effortlessly drawing people in. Her zest for life is infectious, with her bubbly personality makes her an undeniable standout in any gathering. One of her passions is to travel to unique destinations and engage in conversations with people from different cultures. Yet, what truly sets her apart as an entrepreneur is her unique blend of qualities. Erika possesses the rare ability to be unwaveringly firm when the situation demands it, she is an adept problem solver and has a natural gift for conjuring innovative and effective business ideas.

Erika Freitas

At the young age of 14, Erika embarked on her first job adventure at Steak & Shake, later venturing into various retail jobs, and even collaborating with her mother’s party decoration business. Since childhood, Erika aspired to become an elementary school teacher, but her natural talent for communication led her to shift her focus to Public Relations. She eventually graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management, a minor in Global Media Society, and a Business Analysis certificate from Florida International University. Being a natural leader and entrepreneur, she took a leap of faith and decided to carve her own path. Going outside of her comfort zone opened an avenue of possibilities, and today Erika is the president and founder of a growing and expanding franchise, leading other women in business with big dreams and desires to be their own bosses and have financial freedom.

However, this groundbreaking business didn’t become a reality with a simple wave of a fairy wand. The pressures and challenges that came with being a young entrepreneur were very great. She realized that she would need to dedicate all her time, sweat, and tears; she worked seven days a week for many years. While her friends of that age were out partying and enjoying their youth, Erika was scrubbing floors to ensure her spa was in tip-top condition to captivate every customer. Oftentimes, she felt like she was swimming against the current, isolated, and left wondering if it was going to be worth it. But today, she doesn’t wonder anymore because she knows that it was all worth it!

Erika knew she had created something phenomenal, and she was ready to share this gift with people who wanted to be successful business owners too. She wanted as many people as possible to experience the joy of owning a Little Princess Spa without going through the trials she had to face. The trials and errors that Erika walked through in the early years of the business are what led her to the perfect recipe for Little Princess Spa, so took another leap and decided to start franchising. The confidence Erika has in her business today is due to all the time she personally dedicated at her Flagship location in Boca Raton; she can confidently tell her franchisees that this is a tested and proven concept because she’s done it all in the past 12 years, and she knows what works. A fun fact is that Erika has personally come up with all the party packages, services, and experiences offered by Little Princess Spa!

Erika’s relationship with her franchisees can be described as a trusted business advisor and friend. She is personally invested in the success of each owner of a Little Princess Spa Unit, whether it’s a Brick-and-Mortar or a Mobile. She spends hours of her busy weekly schedule attending to her franchisees. Although Erika has a capable team at the corporate headquarters ready to assist the franchisees, she is also personally involved because she CARES.

Today, Erika cultivates a company where women from all walks of life, and levels of experience, own and lead their own businesses. Where excellence is the standard, creativity is encouraged, and little smiles fuel our success. Women who know that their business is both profitable and rewarding. Little Princess Spa is a place Where Princesses’ Dreams Come True, and Erika is proud to say that she knows little girls aren’t the only ones whose dreams are being realized by this company, as nearly a dozen women and families have had their dreams become reality too thanks to Little Princess Spa Franchises.