franchise opportunity near 2024. Own a Little Princess Spa® in Coral Gables

We are looking for motivated and team-oriented individuals to become a part of our Little Princess Spa family! We want to give ordinary women the chance to own their very own business in Coral Gables; this is an opportunity that empowers individuals with the necessary tools for success.

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Coral Gables Don't Miss This Opportunity!

Take the reins of your career by joining The Little Princess Spa® Franchise team. As one of the fastest-growing kids’ spa franchises. Our franchise system provides everything needed to jumpstart a successful journey as an independent business owner — from initial training and ongoing support to proven marketing systems — which you’ll find invaluable when taking this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become pioneers within the rapidly growing industry today!

As a distinguished and rapidly growing brand, Little Princess Spa offers an unparalleled business venture in the booming children’s entertainment sector. Our mesmerizing spa experience, designed exclusively for young princesses, has won the hearts of numerous families and generated a soaring demand for our incomparable services.

By becoming a proud member of our franchise family, you will reap the benefits of:

  1. A unique and captivating business concept that stands out from the crowd.
  2. Comprehensive training and unwavering support from our seasoned team of experts.
  3. Access to our esteemed brand identity and proven marketing strategies.
  4. A vibrant community of like-minded franchisees for networking and collaboration.

Don’t let this extraordinary chance slip away! Transform your entrepreneurial aspirations into reality with the Little Princess Spa Franchise. Embrace the opportunity to make a lasting impact on young lives while reaping the rewards of owning a thriving business.

Get in touch with us today to discover how you can join the prosperous Little Princess Spa family and set sail on a magical journey towards unparalleled business success!

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To ensure the store is properly managed, a dedicated full-time manager should be employed. Additionally, three to four fairies are suggested for each magical birthday celebration!


LPS store locations' average yearly sales


By 2022, active stores saw a remarkable average annual sales of 235K.
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Minimum capital required.

MIN $125K

Choose Your Concept.
$125k - One hundred twenty five thousand for store front.
$57k - Fifty seven thousand for the Mobile concept.
$53k - Fifty three thousand for the Pop-Up Boutique concept.
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Dive into your store dreams with the necessary square footage and make them come true!

MIN 1400 SQ.FT

Little Princess Spa requires a generous allocation of space in order to operate optimally.
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By joining our franchise family, you’ll not only tap into a booming industry but also become part of a community dedicated to creating magical experiences for young princesses in Coral Gables. Don’t miss this chance to grow your business while delighting countless families in Coral Gables.

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Are You Ready To Become A Successful Business Owner in Coral Gables?

Reach Out To Us. We’re Here For You.

Are You Ready To Become A Successful Business Owner?

Reach Out To Us. We’re Here For You.

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